Google XXY

What happens when you Google XXY?
Google Misinforms You.

Google’s misnomer summary of XXY chromosomes gets every single fact wrong.

When you Google (or DuckDuckGo) “XXY Chromosomes”, you get treated to a Google error that calls XXY the misnomer, “Klinefelter Syndrome,” when the truth is, that syndrome has been shown to not be associated with a majority of XXY men. In fact, Klinefelter symptoms have been shown to be present in some XY men (but Google doesn’t mention that).

They use an obviously doctored image to create confusion and mislead readers. If one combined a stereotyped woman’s smaller arms and an unfit person’s man boobs and pot belly, while lengthening the neck and shrinking the head (and arbitrarily adding glasses), you would have what Google portrays, however, this image has no basis in XXY reality.

XXY facts Google gets wrong, with reality-based corrections.

If you read any of the listed search results, most will also say that babies with XXY chromosomes have Klinefelter Syndrome (KS), but this has been medically documented to be impossible since the symptoms cannot manifest until puberty, and rarely do at all. Doctors say it too (that’s probably why Google says it, since Google is merely indexing other site results). They say it so often, people adopt the notion as the truth, and it tends to scare them.

The actual scary thing is, some doctors are beginning to acknowledge the fact that Klinefelter syndrome never existed, while others stand by the outdated assertion, even in the face of XXY men who exhibit none of the supposed KS symptoms.

One interesting note is, the stereotypical computer programmer often does exhibit KS symptoms. So do many tall people. And out of shape people. And people with poor nutrition. Or bad habits.

Another interesting note is, if you use a VPN—like the free VPN in Opera browser—Google doesn’t show the misleading visuals, and they do not state the incorrect “facts.” (It makes one wonder how often they do that kind of thing?)

Meanwhile, Google’s “XXY Chromosomes” search results keep getting more and more demeaning. This is not just an insult to XXY boys and men and their families. It is an insult to humanity.

Note to Google: Correct your error.

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