About XXY Chromosomes

What are XXY chromosomes all about? XXY chromosomes are the second most common naturally-occurring healthy human male chromosomes, yet doctors portray XXY as subhuman. This must change.

This site is created by an XXY man. I am not a doctor, therefore, my writing will likely be ignored by the medical profession, but it shouldn’t be. I am writing about an important topic considered to be of a medical nature (though I believe that is at best a half-truth).

In fact, one major medical school’s management has already sought to suppress my story by cancelling a guest speaker engagement scheduled by one of their own doctors, where students would have had the opportunity to see and hear the fact of my existence starkly contradicting the standards in medical books and research, as well as those on medical university websites, and on government-sponsored websites in virtually all first-world countries.

The problem is, our society is built on the standards of Western medicine, so people trust what doctors tell them. (And hey, they get it right sometimes!) But in the case of XXY, they have it grossly wrong, and there are many reasons for this, which I shall soon expand on.

There are documented cases of parents believing the XXY standards doctors taught them and raising their XXY children to be lesser human beings. That is a tragedy.

I contend XXY is not so much a medical issue, but instead concerns both human equality and reality, which have been absurdly obstructed by the medical and medical research professions.

It is a serious problem when the doctors we must all trust have it so wrong, their birth advice costs millions of would-be parents their perfectly healthy XXY babies.

When standards for XXY boys and men promote a lesser life opportunity, unequal regard by the medical profession, and misleading educational standards in comparison to those offered to XY boys and men, change is needed.

It has so far taken the medical profession over seventy years and counting to correct their XXY standards errors. How long must we wait?

Many doctors have no real-world first-person XXY experience, and only know what they have read, which is often outdated or financially-motivated biased research. Sometimes they do not even realize their own social blunder in openly regarding XXY men as inherently possessing certain characteristics (which are not real in the first place).

I write about XXY to set the record straight, and to provide individuals and parents with another perspective. There are no negatives to being XXY other than those imposed by society. Like any other life, an XXY life is a pretty awesome experience!

Why the name, XXY Guy? Truth is, some people and professions shun XXY men because they do not understand that men are men regardless of our differences. This site is all about that.

~ XXY Guy
December, 2019

P.S. Google likes sites to contain outbound links, but Google provides a wildly misleading and incorrect, fear-mongering XXY summary, and also lists page upon page of similarly misleading XXY resources. Do you want to see that? Here’s a link. And here is a post debunking their fiction.