What are XXY chromosomes?

A chromosome is a strand of DNA. XXY chromosomes are a naturally occurring human male variation. XXY men are identical in physical appearance and mental capacity to XY men.

XXY Quick Facts:
• XXY = male.
• One in every 500 male births is XXY.
• Numerous studies show XXY boys and men possess the same capabilities as XY boys and men.
• Most doctors lack real-world, first-person XXY experience.
• The erroneous standard doctor recommendation to expecting parents of an XXY baby is termination.
• XXY medical standards must change.

Why XXY Standards Must Change:

• XXY and XY men possess the same mental and physical capabilities.
• Many doctors portray XXY boys and men as subhuman.
• Many medical researchers and doctors regard or treat XXY boys and men as lesser humans.
• XXY boys are thought to be slow learners, but the truth may be the opposite. They can be unusually fast learners.

XXY Is Not Intersex

XXY is male. It is not a gender issue. It is not an intersex issue.

All people regardless of chromosome type (XX, X0, XY, XXY, and more) have gender issues to consider. Defining who you are is part of being human.

Why Are XXY Chromosomes Important?

XXY is a human equality issue that impacts millions of women, men, and their families. It is a misinformation issue that has confused doctors and governments, and caused doctors to misinform millions of expectant parents with advice to terminate their pregnancies based on flawed research information.

Presently, a majority of the medical research community (and many doctors) regard XXY men as subhuman, possessing defective chromosomes, but this is not true. XXY chromosomes are not defective. They serve individuals just fine.

Many medical research universities publish a laundry list of supposedly common physical and mental characteristics of XXY males, yet the truth is there are no characteristics common to all XXY males, and there are often no negative characteristics. In fact, there are some positive differences.

Should You Abort Your XXY Fetus?

In the wise words of author Douglas Adams, don’t panic! If your fetus is “diagnosed” with XXY chromosomes, you have much to consider. Only you can make decisions about your baby. In the case of XXY chromosomes, it may be important to read other resources to get a balanced set of information.

If you are reading XXY research, it is important to carefully scrutinize the study’s setup, aim, and conclusions. Frequently, you may find the setup is flawed, giving advantages to the XY controls and treating the XXY men as subhuman. For example, researchers might shine a pen light in the XXY men’s eyes to stimulate an adverse reaction, but not do the same to the XY controls. Also, the stated aims and conclusions often reveal biases, which invalidate the studies.

XXY can be a good thing, presenting some unique advantages. It is also true that due to biased medical and societal standards, there may be one or two disadvantages, however, these are equally navigable as any other issue parents must deal with whilst raising any child.

Why Have Millions of Parents Terminated Their XXY Fetuses?

Termination is the standard medical recommendation to pregnant parents when XXY chromosomes are identified at the fetus stage, in a karyotype test. Yet, there is nothing inherently detrimental about being built with XXY chromosomes. XXY men can have the same strengths and attributes as XY men.

XXY boys and men are fully capable, intelligent, athletic, and social human beings.

Why, then, do parents sometimes choose to terminate their XXY fetus? Most likely it is because they were misinformed about the realities of XXY chromosomes. Perhaps they trusted what they read on Google’s inaccurate summary page for XXY. Or their doctor may have been misinformed.

The sad truth is, there are few accurate XXY information resources. Even the most recent medical research makes inaccurate statements about XXY. In one such study, the approval of peer reviewers was done by a doctor who specializes in the sleep patterns of honey bees, mice, and people, a subject with no relation to XXY.

Sound like science-fiction?

XXY research is most often trained on negatives of human difference. Subhuman is the notion medical researchers have promoted in published, peer-reviewed papers, and they repeatedly roll out such yarn in online government resources such as The Genetics Home Reference, the Human Genome Project, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and medical university websites all over the world, misinforming doctors, librarians, teachers, parents, and students alike. The truth is, many doctors have limited or no real-world, first-person XXY experience.

Modern researchers have corrected many of the old assertions about XXY chromosomes. For instance, it used to be said that XXY men possessed subnormal intelligence, but now some researchers and doctors have noted that XXY men possess unusually high intelligence. There are XXY PhDs, and successful XXY men in all manner of careers. The likely truth is that a full range of intelligence levels can be found, just like in XY men. In spite of this, many doctors still stand by the outdated info, often because they have not read recent studies; and also because annual XXY medical research conferences continue to publish the outdated information as though it were current in order to keep the research funding routine intact.

There is Much More To Learn About XXY

Doctors are not necessarily the enemy in XXY misinformation. Many of them just do not know the truth (or are afraid to express it for fear of being professionally ostracized).

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